Who is Mongó?

We’re Pato from Argentina, a musician, teacher and dreamer. Vini from Brazil, an engineer who loves nature and teaching. And Jaime from Spain, a McGyver craftman-designer. Our destinies met when we were all traveling in New Zealand - and here we are turning our dream into reality together!

Today we share the same profession: we are "Musical Park" makers. We travel to schools or orphanages to build creative, fun and interdisciplinary spaces together with the kids their comunities. We create an outdoor space for learning while integrating with nature.


Wait… let us tell you our purspose:

When we were traveling around the world we realised our planet needs help! We saw that a way to help was to learn how to communicate better with each other and to learn again how to use our natural resources. We saw that our children need a new approach on education.

For these reasons, we have a new approach which proposes:

  • What? An experiential and exploratory education.
  • Where? With wide spaces, without tables or chairs to limit the learning experience. Flexible outdoor spaces, surrounded by nature.
  • How? Focused to facilitate liberating experiences that connect ourselves to our emotions. Focused also on improving the communication in all its aspects, with one’s self, with our peers and within our communities.
“I still don't quite get it... “

What do we do?

In simple terms, our mission is to facilitate the creation of sustainable, outdoor, creative, fun spaces, surrounded by nature.

These spaces will be called Musical Parks!

“And what is a Musical Park?

it’s an interdisciplinary classroom, a concert hall, a vegetable garden, an outdoor lab and above all a meeting point for the whole community.

Amazing, isn’t it?!

And the next step is to build our first Musical Park!

Guess where? In Africa!!!

Yes! We were invited to build at NGO Caring Africa's orphanage, in Moshi, a small town by the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. We’ll stay for three months in total to complete the project and run workshops for the kids. It’s an incredible Project that give children a new opportunity through music and art.

“Now I get it!

But how do you do this?”

The Project has 3 key phases:

Phase 1 – Observing, Sketching and Hands-on.

(Duration: 1 month)

Observing: This phase involves observing and gathering information on local environment, the community and the children needs.

Sketching: The kids are the artists and the designers, and they will create and plan the Musical Park based on permaculture concepts that we’ll share.

Hands-on: We love to get our hands dirty with earth. We’ll start planting vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants, maintaining the local culture and resources.

Phase 2 - Collection, Building.

(Duration: 1 month)

Collection: With our plan ready we start collecting rubbish and reciclables to create our musical instruments.

Building: Pure fun and musical learning while we use creativity to explore the world of sounds through the musical instruments crafting!

Phase 3 - Play. Duration.

(Duration: 1 month).

Play: Yes! This is the most important part, so and we reserve a whole month to use this newly created space for workshops, to learn, to have fun, to teach traditional subjects as well as other subjects such as communication, free expression, critical thinking, self-knowledge and community values!

What do we leave in Tanzania apart from the Musical Park?

  • The experience of building with rubbish (Upcycling) and learning about permaculture building techniques.
  • The artistic and musical experience. The games, dances and music!
  • All the tools used to make the instruments and the Musical Park’s structure.
  • All teaching materials about recycling, gardening, building and how to use the Musical Park to teach and learn.